DeGem Berhad ("DeGem/the Group") was incorporated in Malaysia on 3 January 1997 as a private limited company. It was then converted into a public limited company on 7 March 1997 to facilitate its listing on the Second Board of the KLSE. DeGem’s shares were floated on the KLSE on 10 October 2001.

In June 2003, DeGem's listing status was transferred to the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia upon completion of a bonus issue of 1-for-2, increasing its issued and paid-up capital to RM60 million. DeGem is classified under the Consumer Products Sector of Bursa Malaysia's Main Market. It has been designated as a Syariah stock by the Securities Commissions' Syariah Advisory Panel. Presently, DeGem's issued and fully paid-up capital is RM67 million, which comprised 134 million ordinary shares of RM0.50 par value each.

DeGem’s founders, the Choong brothers started their business in the early 1980s as a traditional, family-run goldsmith shop. In 1984, the Choong brothers diversified their business upstream with the addition of a factory, which enhanced their control over the designs of jewellery to be sold at their shops. In the following year, the factory was awarded contracts to manufacture medals for honorary titles conferred by state leaders, a testament to its excellent craftsmanship. Today, the Group has two factories; one dedicated to the art of creating fine jewellery and the other specialises on the manufacture of medals.

In 1999, the Group launched Diamond & Platinum (“D&P”), in a move to break away from the conventional staples of goldsmiths and jewellers. D&P focuses on fashionable and trendy designs, catering to the demands of younger customers who preferred their jewellery set in white gold and platinum, rather than the traditional yellow gold.

This was then followed in 2003 by the opening of the first showroom to carry the DeGem brand, which catered to customers with discerning tastes for exclusively designed masterpieces and rare gemstones.

The Group’s foreign venture began in 2004, with the opening of a D&P showroom in Brunei, followed by DeGem’s showrooms in Jakarta (2005) and Singapore (2006). Furthermore, in 2006, the Group set up its design and distribution centre in Hong Kong, in order to expand its reach to international markets.

Today, DeGem is a multinational organisation with core businesses in manufacturing, retailing and design and distribution of fine jewellery. In the decades since its founding, DeGem has built its reputation on integrity, excellent craftsmanship, professional service and as a benchmark for quality in the jewellery industry. As a public-listed jeweller on Bursa Malaysia, DeGem’s market capitalisation as at end of December 2018 was approximately RM137.4 million.